The Charter of the Bobcat Boosters is:

To support and promote the athletics, scholastic, extra-curricular and recreational
programs, and various related activities of the youth attending Grandview Heights Public Schools.

To cooperate with and assist at all times the Public School and municipal authorities and
other parties in the best interests of the youth attending Grandview Heights Public Schools.

Bobcat Booster, Inc. Officers & Directors

Steve Callison – President
Jason Jump – 1st Vice President
Curt Berlin – 2nd Vice President
Ken Chaffin – 3rd Vice President
Meg Pinney – Secretary
Bob Rutter – Treasurer
Erik Vasu-Sarver – Assistant Treasurer


Bobcat Booster 2015 Directors

Meg, Curt, Jason, Steve, Bob & Craig

Craig Berlin*
Eric Bode
Mike Bockbrader
Marcus Bonn
Mike Brannan
Matt Cincione
Dwight Collier
David Cribbs
Grant Douglass
Chris Everett
Robert Field
Eric Gilleland
Todd Horning
Chris Jagers
Mike Leach
Rick Linville
Scott McLain
John Menke*
Jim McCauley
Fred Muccio
Peter Nichols
Bruce Satterthwaite
Mark Schaefer
Rick Van Deusen*
Tom York *Past President

Get Involved. Become A Booster!

Bobcat Boosters, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization supporting the youth of the
Grandview Heights School System through year-round fundraising efforts and volunteer activities.
We invite anyone in Grandview Heights or Marble Cliff, Ohio to apply to become a director with
the Bobcat Boosters or simply to donate their time, talents, or funds in any way they can.
Contact us with any questions you may have in the interest of helping the children of our community.